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Chairman of the board
  Wang Rong, male, born in November 1976, graduated from MBA in Business Administration. Currently, he is the chairman of KERNEL INTELLIGENT CONTROL CO., LTD.

  August 2002, the company founder Wang Rong financing more than 100,000 yuan of funds, in Jiangshan Hushan Chachang on the 14th, founded Jiangshan City, China Resources Power Equipment Factory; in 2004, Jiangshan City, China Resources Power Equipment Factory restructuring, formation Zhejiang Branch Run Power Equipment Co., Ltd., and Jiangshan City Economic Development Zone Jiangdong 21 acres of land acquisition. In 2006, it invested over 15 million yuan to build a new workshop. In 2009, it invested 120 million yuan to acquire 80 acres of land in the cooperation area of Shanhai and Shanhai, and built a series of transmission and distribution products (high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, transformers and high-voltage electrical components) Production base; In November 2013, Zhejiang Run-Run Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. controlled by Corun invested 97 million Yuan to acquire 50 mu of computer monitoring system production line with an annual output of 50 mu in an area of 50 mu in Shanhai Collaborative Area of Jiangshan City. On October 19, 2015, the Company obtained the approval letter of approval from the share transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide. It successfully listed on November 6, and the stock was abbreviated as KE Runzhi (stock code: 834062).

  In the continuous development of enterprises, Wang Rong did not forget to play a social responsibility, donations and donations, with a grateful heart to repay the community. In recent years, he has donated more than 2 million yuan to build a new socialist countryside, road hardening, lighting, afforestation projects, rural tap water reform, education and sports undertakings and philanthropy, and made positive contributions to building a harmonious society. In order to solve the problem of social employment Pressure, he was Jiangshan Vocational School funded the establishment of "Corun class" for the community to train a batch after batch of professionals; he cares for employees, providing employees with development platform for self-worth, and strive to improve employee benefits In 2010, the Company took the lead in implementing the system of paid "annual leave" for employees in private enterprises and paying housing accumulation fund for employees. His good deeds of caring for and supporting social public welfare not only set a good corporate image for the company, but also gained wide acclaim from the society. The company was named harmonious labor relations in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province to create a harmonious labor relations and double love advanced enterprises.

  Wang Rong is one of the most representative entrepreneurs among the young generation of entrepreneurs in Jiangshan City. Wang Rong has been named one of the top ten professionals in Jiangshan City for his work as a model worker in Jiangshan City, a model worker in Jiangshan City, a prominent economic figure in Jiangshan City, Quzhou model worker, Quzhou top ten young entrepreneurs, Quzhou outstanding young entrepreneurs, outstanding entrepreneurs in Zhejiang Province, is now the vice chairman of the Youth League, Jiangshan City Federation of Industry and Commerce Vice Chairman, Jiangshan Young Entrepreneurs Association Vice President, Vice Chairman of Quzhou Young Entrepreneurs Association, Member of CPPCC of Quzhou City, Vice President of Zhejiang Power Transmission and Distribution Equipment Industry Association, Vice President of Zhejiang Entrepreneur Association, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang Enterprise Rights Protection Association .

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Company profile
  KERUN INTELLIGENT CONTROL CO.LTD. (formerly Branch Run Power Technology Co., Ltd.), is a professional high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, transformers, high and low voltage electrical appliances, electric vehicles intelligent charging equipment R & D, design, production, installation, Testing, sales, technical services, technical advice; import and export of goods, technology, three new board listed companies. For more than a decade, it has been devoted to the research and development of electric power and new energy products and the improvement of its industrial chain. It has always been focusing on the improvement of its quality and the establishment of the Corun brand. It is a national high-tech enterprise.

  The company is headquartered in Zhejiang Province, Jiangxi and Jiangxi provinces at the junction of Jiangshan City Economic Development Zone in Shanhai District Kaiyuan Road on the 1st, covers an area of more than 150 acres, the existing total assets of 415 million yuan, more than 450 employees, of whom more than junior college professional and technical personnel 178 people, with electrical division, transformer division, component division and new energy division. High and low voltage switchgear annual production capacity of 15,000 sets, 4 million kVA transformers, high and low voltage electrical components 5000 (sets), all kinds of 15,000 sets of charging pile.

  The company passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, ISO10012 and other management system certification, all high-voltage products through national testing department of the type test, low-voltage products through the CCC certification, transformer products certified by PCCC, the transformer was included in the national energy-saving products recommended letter Catalog .

  The company has complete production equipment, advanced production technology and perfect testing equipment. It possesses sophisticated sophisticated high-end equipments such as sheet metal CNC machining center and transformer silicon steel sheet automatic cutting line. The products are optimized by solidedge 3D electrical software.

  The company has Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center, Zhejiang Enterprise R & D Center, Zhejiang Branch Run new energy charging pile Research Institute, and with China Quality Certification Center (CQC), Xi'an Institute of High Voltage Electrical Apparatus, Shenyang Transformer Research Institute, Zhejiang University of Technology , Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology, Quzhou College and many other institutions of higher learning, research institutes maintained close relations of cooperation. Is the world's top 500 enterprises ABB company, the United States General Electric (GE) company's strategic partner. Products through the State Grid, China Southern Power Grid finalists qualifications, the State Grid, South Network qualified suppliers.

  Companies adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, moisturizing the world," the corporate culture, adhere to the "quality of corporate life, integrity is the corporate brand" business purpose, the Chinese enterprises integrity building demonstration unit, Zhejiang Province AAA credit business class "Shou contract weight Credit "units, integrity and integrity of private enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province to create harmonious labor relations and double love advanced enterprises, Zhejiang Province was rated famous brand, brand-name products, well-known firm, Quzhou Municipal People's Government Quality Award.

  The company has a sound marketing network, the best-selling products Network, South Network and the domestic provinces and cities and exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions in the market has a good reputation and influence.

  On November 6, 2015, the Company was officially listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (Stock Code: KE-RUN, stock code: 834062). The company will be based on providing users with safe, high quality, energy saving, environmentally friendly products and professional, thoughtful, meticulous and efficient service to become a global solution to user power solutions, high-quality transmission and distribution equipment providers, transmission and distribution and new Energy charging industry leader.

  Jiaojiang Jiaojiang, Branch Run unique landscape!

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